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Equipment drying cabinet 


For the fast and gentle drying of small pieces of equipment and equipment parts


Equipment drying cabinet with TG05 warm-air blower

Article number:330-517

Drying cabinet with warm-air blower


Why use a MENZL equipment drying cabinet?

The MENZL equipment drying cabinet makes it easy to dry lung-governed demand valves as well as other pieces of equipment and equipment parts in an equally fast and gentle manner.

By means of the TG 05 warm-air blower, which features a thermostat-controlled heating unit, air is heated to approximately 50 °C and blown into the drying cabinet.

During operation, the current temperature of the air blown into the cabinet is displayed on the control panel of TG 05. Inside the cabinet, the warm air flows around the equipment to be dried before eventually escaping into the ambient environment through an opening in the cabinet’s top.

The drying time can be adjusted flexibly via the built-in timer. The equipment drying cabinet is suitable for installation on a table or a wall.

TG 05 control panel 

Control panel of warm-air blower

If you operate the drying cabinet in a place with insufficient air circulation, it is strongly recommended that you use a dehumidifier (sold separately) to keep humidity down.

Scope of delivery 

  • equipment drying cabinet
  • TG 05 warm-air blower
  • power cord
  • operator's manual


drying cabinet (w x h x d): 800 x 1,000 x 300 mm
warm-air blower (w x h x d): 200 x 450 x 160 mm
housing: texture-painted steel
weight: approx. 55 kg
power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
power consumption: 1,4 kW

Drying cabinets in other sizes are available on request. The TG 05 warm-air blower can be installed to the right or to the left of the drying cabinet.


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