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TM 12 Speed mask drying cabinet


For the extremely fast drying of up to 12 full-face masks by means of a warm-air blower

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Why use TM 12 Speed?

Designed for the speedy and gentle drying of up to 12 full-face masks in approximately 30 minutes, the TM 12 mask drying cabinet stands out for its performance and quietness. It can easily be loaded and unloaded in a minimum of time, and its attractive design, its Plexiglas door and its LED-lit interior make it an eyecatcher in every respiratory protective equipment workshop.

How TM 12 Speed works

TM 12 Speed could not be easier to use: Simply fasten virtually any make of mask to the rotating mask holder by means of flexible straps and set the timer to the desired drying time to start TM 12 Speed.

Throughout the drying process, warm air (max. 50 °C) is blown into the drying cabinet. It flows around the rotating masks before eventually escaping into the ambient environment via an opening in the top of TM 12 Speed’s housing. A thermostat protects the masks from being damaged by excessively hot air.

The permanent rotation of the masks causes the residual water in the masks to spread over a large surface area, which speeds up evaporation and reduces drying times to a minimum (approx. 30 minutes).

Mask holder

Thanks to the fact that TM 12 Speed's mask holder is equipped with flexible straps that keep the installed masks securely in place, you can quickly and easily load it with masks from a wide variety of manufacturers without needing any additional adapters.


TM 12 Speed mask drying cabinet plus under-unit cabinet

Timer controlled
warm-air blower
Mask ready
for drying
Under-unit cabinet for TM 12 Speed
TM 12 Speed placed on top of an under-unit cabinet Under-unit cabinet with height-adjustable feet


Scope of delivery

  • TM 12 Speed
  • power cord
  • operator's manual


housing: texture-painted aluminium
dimensions (w x h x d): 600 x 600 x 900 mm
capacity: up to 12 masks
power supply: 230 V; 50 Hz
power consumption: 1,6 kW
weight: approx. 40 kg
drying time: approx. 30 min

TM 12 Speed can be installed on a table, a wall or the dedicated under-unit cabinet (sold separately). If you operate TM 12 Speed in a place with insufficient air circulation, it is strongly recommended that you use a dehumidifier (sold separately) to keep humidity down.

Article numbers

TM 12 Speed mask drying cabinet 330-399
Under-unit cabinet with height-adjustable feet (height: approx. 920 mm)


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