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Drying cabinet for full-face masks


For the fast and gentle drying of respiratory protective masks

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Drying cabinet with warm-air blower


Why use a MENZL drying cabinet for full-face masks?

The MENZL mask drying cabinet makes it easy to dry full-face masks in a fast and gentle manner. In its standard configuration, the drying cabinet is suitable for drying full-face masks with round-thread connectors. Adapters (sold separately) are available for drying a wide range of other full-face masks from various manufacturers and with different types of connectors.

During drying, the warm air is blown directly into the masks (forced ventilation). The moist air escapes into the ambient environment via an opening in the top of the drying cabinet.

The drying cabinet can be installed on a table or a wall.

Forced ventilation of masks during drying TMxx Maske TMxx Wandhalterung TG 05 
Forced ventilation Mask ready for drying Wall mount of drying cabinet TG 05 warm-air blower

In the standard configuration, the warm-air blower is mounted directly to the side of the drying cabinet (see above). However, it is also possible to install the warm-air blower somewhere else and hook it up to the cabinet by means of a hose.

If you operate the drying cabinet in a place with insufficient air circulation, it is strongly recommended that you use a dehumidifier (sold separately) to keep humidity down.

Scope of delivery

  • drying cabinet
  • power cord
  • mounting material for installing the cabinet on a wall
  • operator's manual

Article numbers

Our mask drying cabinet for full-face masks comes in the following standard sizes: 

TM 06 for up to 6 masks
Dimensions (w x h x d): 600 x 600 x 350 mm


TM 09 for up to 9 masks
Dimensions (w x h x d): 600 x 600 x 350 mm


TM 12 for up to 12 masks
Dimensions (w x h x d): 760 x 760 x 300 mm


TM 16 for up to 16 masks
Dimensions (w x h x d): 800 x 1,000 x 300 mm


If you need a custom-made cabinet or a high-capacity mask-drying facility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TG 05 warm-air blower

dimensions (w x h x d): 200 x 450 x 160 mm

power supply: 230 V; 50 Hz

power consumption: 1,400 W


Please note: The TG 05 warm-air blower is NOT included in the drying cabinet’s scope of delivery and, hence, needs to be ordered separately! TG 05 stands out for its silent operation, making it the perfect choice for use in respiratory protective equipment workshops.

Drying adapters

Round-thread connector 330-616
Threaded connector M45x3 330-503
MSA plug-in connector 330-505
MSA plug-in connector AutoMaXX 330-506
Dräger plug-in connector 330-507
Interspiro plug-in connector 330-508
Interspiro Clic 330-509
Interspiro S class 330-553
Plug-in connector ESA 330-504
Racal plug-in connector on request


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