Multitest 100


Fully automatic computer-controlled tester for performing leak-tightness tests on chemical protective suits

Article number:330-082



Why use Multitest plus Pult OÖ ME?


Multitest 100 makes it easy to efficiently and conveniently perform leak-tightness tests on chemical protective suits (CPS) and CPS relief/exhalation valves.

The tester operates in a fully automatic computer-controlled manner, resulting not only in the highest quality in terms of equipment testing but also in utmost user-friendliness. During testing, the recorded values are transferred directly to the feature-rich MENZL Equipment Management and Testing program by means of the unit’s low-pressure transducer, which guarantees a reliable and tamper-proof documentation of data.

As relief/exhalation valves vary greatly from one make of chemical protective suit to another, filling and testing hos-es need to be connected to suits using suitable adapters. Hence, MENZL filling and testing hoses are equipped with plug-in couplings for connecting the adapters required for the make of CPS to be tested. These adapters are NOT included in the tester’s scope of delivery but need to be ordered separately.

The inflating of chemical protective suits by means of com-pressed-air and the subsequent leak-tightness testing are car-ried out fully automatically. The pressure levels required for testing the leak tightness of suit vales are supplied by Multitest 100’s built-in piston pump.

Scope of possible tests

  • CPS – leak tightness
  • CPS exhalation valves – leak tightness

Scope of delivery

  • Multitest 100
  • CPS filling hose (adapter[s] NOT included)
  • CPS testing hose (adapter[s] NOT included)
  • valve tester (adapter[s] NOT included)
  • MENZL Equipment Management and Testing program
  • power cord and USB cable
  • operator’s manual

The computer system is NOT included in the scope of de-livery. It can be supplied by us or it can be provided by the customer.


dimensions (w x h x d):420 x 210 x 400 mm
weight:approx. 10 kg
power supply:230 V; 50 Hz
power consumption:100 W
electronic low-pressure transducer:±30 mbar (accuracy class 0.5)
medium-pressure connector:euro coupling

Compressed air of the quality prescribed for testing respiratory protective equipment (EN 12021) needs to be supplied to the tester at a pressure of 6 to 9 bar.

Accessories for equipment testing

Valve connection adapters

Valve connection adapter for MSA suits 330-335
Valve connection adapter for Dräger suits 330-295
Valve connection adapter for Interspiro suits 330-294

Valve testing adapters

Valve testing adapter for MSA suits 700-035
Valve testing adapter for Dräger suits 330-501
Valve testing adapter for Interspiro suits 330-502

Sealing adapters for CPS relief/exhalation valves

MSA Auer sealing adapter264
Dräger sealing adapter330-500
Interspiro sealing adapter


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