Multitest CSA


Tester for performing leak-tightness tests on chemical protective suits


Article number:330-477



Why use Multitest CSA?

Multitest CSA takes the hassle out of testing chemical protective suits (CPS). A filling hose is used to pressurize suits to the level required for testing. The air for filling the CPS can be supplied from an SCBA or any other source of breathing air compliant with the EN 12021 standard.

The CPS gets connected to the tester via a hose. Pressure levels are shown on the tester's gauge, and there is a relief valve for releasing pressure from the CPS. The built-in piston pump can be used to test chemical protective suits, and in particular CPS exhalation valves, for leak tightness.

Scope of possible tests

  • chemical protective suits – leak tightness
  • chemical protective suits – exhalation-valve leak tightness
Control panel

Different makes of chemical protective suits are equipped with different exhalation valves. Hence, filling and testing hoses have to be connected to CPSs by means of suitable adapters.

Scope of delivery

  • Multitest CSA
  • CPS filling hose (complete with an adapter for MSA Auer, Dräger or Interspiro suits)
  • CPS testing hose (complete with an adapter for MSA Auer, Dräger or Interspiro suits)
  • exhalation valve testing unit (complete with an adapter for MSA Auer, Dräger or Interspiro suits)
  • sealing plug for exhalation valve
  • timer
  • operator's manual


dimensions (w x h x d): 550 x 200 x 370 mm
weight: approx. 10 kg
low-pressure gauge: ±30 mbar (accuracy class 1.6)
equipment connector: round thread (EN 148-1)
medium-pressure connector: euro nipple

Accessories for equipment testing

Valve connection adapters

Valve connection adapter for MSA suits 330-335
Valve connection adapter for Dräger suits 330-295
Valve connection adapter for Interspiro suits 330-294

Valve testing adapters

Valve testing adapter for MSA suits 700-035
Valve testing adapter for Dräger suits 330-501
Valve testing adapter for Interspiro suits 330-502


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