Multitest plus Pult OÖ


Manual equipment tester for performing static tests at low and medium pressure on full-face masks, lung-governed demand valves and SCBAs

 Multitest plus Pult OÖ with a mask mounted for testing

Article number:330-479

 Multitest plus Pult OÖ with a mask mounted for testing


Why use Multitest plus Pult OÖ?

Multitest plus Pult OÖ makes it easy to efficiently and con-veniently carry out all the static tests that need to be per-formed on full-face masks and lung-governed demand vales. In addition, it can be used for medium-pressure tests.

The dummy head, which is mounted on the housing of the tester, can be inflated by means of a joystick and has a measuring line in the mouth area for recording data in the course of performing the required static tests on masks. Static tests on lung-governed demand valves are carried out via the tester’s equipment connector. The medium-pressure lines of SCBAs and lung-governed demand valves get connected directly to the tester.

Multitest plus Pult OÖ comes with round-thread connectors for lung-governed demand vales and full-face masks. Adapters (sold separately) are available for all commonly used types of positive-pressure masks and positive-pressure lung-governed demand valves. The required levels of positive and negative pressure as well as the necessary flow rates for opening-pressure tests and closing-pressure tests are supplied by the built-in pump. Pressure levels are shown on the tester’s low-pressure gauge and medium-pressure gauge. The low-pressure gauge has a zero-offset calibration screw.

In combination with accessories (see below), Multitest plus Pult OÖ can also be used for testing different makes of two-point (HMC) masks. Multitest plus Pult OÖ is powered by a 1.5-V battery (D cell) (included).


Multitest plus Pult OÖ: mask ready for testing Multitest plus Pult OÖ: HMC testing implement

Multitest plus Pult OÖ: battery compartment

 Mask ready for testing HMC testing implement Battery compartment

Scope of possible tests

  • full-face masks – leak tightness
  • full-face masks – exhalation-valve opening pressure
  • lung-governed demand valves – leak tightness
  • lung-governed demand valves – opening pressure
  • lung-governed demand valves – closing pressure
  • SCBAs – static medium pressure
  • chemical protective suits – leak tightness (accessories required)

Scope of delivery

  • Multitest plus Pult OÖ
  • dummy head (mounted on the housing of the tester)
  • mask sealing cap (round thread)
  • sealing plug for demand valve hose
  • silicone spray
  • timer
  • 1.5-V battery (D cell)
  • operator’s manual


dimensions (w x h x d): 420 x 210 x 400 mm
weight: approx. 15 kg
power supply: 1.5-V battery (D cell)
low-pressure gauge: ±30 mbar1 (accuracy class 1.6)
medium-pressure gauge: 0-16 bar (accuracy class 1.0)
equipment connector: round thread (EN 148-1)
medium-pressure connector: euro coupling


Units for international markets; units for the Austrian market come with a ±20 mbar low-pressure gauge.

Air of the quality prescribed for testing respiratory protective equipment (EN 12021) needs to be supplied to the tester at a pressure of 5 to 10 bar.

Accessories for equipment testing

Accessories for testing masks

M45x3 330-016
MSA plug-in connector 330-015
MSA plug-in connector AutoMaXX 330-150
Dräger plug-in connector 330-017
Interspiro plug-in connector 330-018
Interspiro Clic 330-131
Interspiro S class 330-494
Plug-in connector ESA 330-187
Racal plug-in connector 330-130

Accessories for testing two-point (HMC) masks

Fastening strap for testing Dräger HMC masks 330-210
Fastening strap for testing Interspiro HMC masks 330-522
Stainless-steel HMC testing implement (incl. carrier plate) 330-727
MSA Auer adapter (Avon/Schuberth system) for HMC testing implement 330-127
Interspiro adapter for HMC testing implement 330-128

Accessories for testing lung-governed demand valves (LGDV)

M45x3 330-012
MSA plug-in connector 330-011
MSA plug-in connector AutoMaXX 330-149
Dräger plug-in connector 330-013
Interspiro plug-in connector 330-014
Interspiro Clic 330-162
Plug-in connector ESA 330-175

Other accessories

Silicone spray for dummy head 330-470
Protective hood for dummy head 340-001
Sealing plug for testing hose 330-605
Hand pump for dummy head 330-527
Cylinder pressure gauge for 200-bar and 300-bar cylinders 330-023

Replacement parts

Dummy-head rubber part 900-018
Exhalation-valve sealing cap for MSA Auer normal-pressure masks 264
Sealing nipple for LGDV medium-pressure hose 330-526
Medium-pressure testing hose 330-565
Countdown timer 330-474

Pressure gauge ±30 mbar

Pressure gauge 0-16 bar 70-047


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