Quicktest plus


Tester for performing tests on full-face masks, diving equipment and, optionally, buoyancy compensator devices at low and medium pressure



Quicktest plus

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Quicktest plus with BCD testing upgrade


Why use Quicktest plus?

Quicktest plus can be used for performing static as well as dynamic tests on diving gear and, with an optional upgrade, buoyancy compensator devices (BCD). In this context, it is important to keep in mind that connectors and the scope of required functional tests may vary from one make of diving equipment to another. Quicktest plus has been optimized, in particular, for the following tests:

  • 1st-stage medium pressure
  • diving regulator – demand valve (octopus)
  • BCD performance tests (BCD testing upgrade required)

The tester is designed for medium-pressure tests as well as tests on full-face masks and demand valves equipped with round-thread connectors, mouthpieces or euro couplings.

Adapters (sold separately) are available for testing a wide range of other pieces of equipment from various manufacturers and with different types of connectors. Quicktest plus is powered by a 1.5-V battery (D cell) (included). The inflatable dummy head guarantees a perfect fit of the masks to be tested.

BCD testing upgrade

If you buy the BCD testing upgrade, a low-pressure gauge, a BCD testing adapter and a BCD testing hose will be added to Quicktest plus, making it possible to perform leaktightness tests and safety-valve opening-pressure tests on BCDs.


QT plus Atemreglerpruefung QT plus Maskenpruefung Jacketadapter 
Performing a test on a diving regulator Performing a test on a mask BCD testing adapter

Scope of possible tests

  • full-face masks – leak tightness
  • full-face masks – opening pressure
  • 1st stages – static medium pressure
  • 1st stages – medium-pressure rise
  • diving regulators – leak tightness
  • diving regulators – opening pressure
  • diving regulators – closing pressure

With BCD testing upgrade

  • BCDs – leak tightness 
  • BCDs – opening pressure

Scope of delivery

  • Quicktest plus
  • dummy head (complete with filling valve and clamp)
  • mask testing hose
  • medium-pressure testing hose
  • demand-valve sealing plug
  • diving-regulator connector without mouthpiece
  • medium-pressure inflator adapter
  • silicone spray
  • timer
  • 1.5-V battery (D cell)
  • operator’s manual

With BCD testing upgrade

  • BCD testing hose


Dimensions (w x h x d): 550 x 200 x 370 mm
Weight: approx. 15 kg
Medium-pressure connector: euro coupling
Equipment connector: round thread (EN 148-1)
Power supply: 1.5-V battery (D cell)
Low-pressure gauge: ±30 mbar (accuracy class 1.6)
Medium-pressure gauge: 0-16 bar (accuracy class 1.0)

With BCD testing upgrade

Low pressure gauge 0-250 mbar (accuracy class 1.6)

Article numbers

Quicktest plus 330-292
Upgrade: BCD testing unit 330-293


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