Medium-pressure-distribution rails


For pressurizing lung-governed demand valves during cleaning and disinfection


Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 3 couplings


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Why use a medium-pressure-distribution rail?

When cleaning and disinfecting lung-governed demand valves (LGDV) with fluids, there is a risk that fluid gets into the LGDV system, which must not happen under any circumstances. Therefore, it is essential to apply medium pressure to LGDVs during cleaning and disinfection. MENZL medium-pressure-distribution rails are the perfect choice when it comes to preventing fluid from getting into the LGDV system.


Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 8 couplings

Wall-mounted medium-pressure-distribution rail with 8 couplings

How MENZL medium-pressure-distribution rails work

MENZL medium-pressure-distribution rails are intended for installation in places where lung-governed demand valves get cleaned and disinfected. After applying medium pressure to the rail, the LGDVs to be serviced are connected to the rail’s couplings and pressurised by opening the slide valve. Once the LGDVs have been cleaned and disinfected, the self-venting slide valve is closed again and the lung-governed demand valves can easily be uncoupled.

Coupling close-up
Each rail comes equipped with a pressure gauge. When the slide valve is open, the gauge shows the supply line pressure.


In order to ensure the functional safety of the coupled LGDVs, only air of the quality prescribed for SCBAs should be applied to MENZL medium-pressure-distribution rails.

Pressure gauge


MENZL medium-pressure-distribution rails come standard with 3, 6, or 9 couplings. If you need rails with fewer or more couplings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 3 couplings

 Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 4 couplings Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 9 couplings
Rail with 3 couplings Rail with 4 couplings Rail with 9 couplings
Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 3 couplings and a filter unit  Medium-pressure-distribution rail with 12 couplings (compact design)
Rail with 3 couplings, left-hand-side pressure supply and a filter unit Rail with 12 couplings and a compact design


  • sturdy aluminium body
  • medium-pressure couplings for LGDVs
  • self-venting slide valve
  • pressure gauge
  • mounting material
  • left-hand-side or right-hand-side pressure supply
  • 3, 6 or 9 couplings
  • custom-made versions on request

Article numbers

Medium-pressure-distribution rail MDS3 (350 mm / 3 couplings)


Medium-pressure-distribution rail MDS6 (650 mm / 6 couplings)


Medium-pressure-distribution rail MDS9 (950mm / 9 couplings)

Medium-pressure extension hoses on request
Custom-made medium-pressure-distribution rails on request


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